Transaction Processing

The transaction process involves building, maintaining, and updating a database of various lifestyle and electronics product details using monthly sales information from various brands collected in various areas. Data cleaning, data checking, data matching with existing databases, creating a new database of products through in-depth online research, and complete procedure were all part of the data processing of transactional data. Data Cleaning / Mining services are the purpose of extracting relevant information after reviewing documents provided to us by our clients. We effectively arrange data in a database by removing redundant data, for example, by checking to see if there are any double additions for a specific item of a specific Brand for a specific Gender, merging them if there are, and making sure that only related data is present in the database. We match the newly loaded data with already existing data in the dictionary. If we cannot locate the necessary records in the database, we do a thorough web search and add all those records to the dictionary based on the results of that thorough web search.