Primary Research

What is Primary Research?

Primary research is an approach that allows researchers to gather data independently instead of relying on data from earlier studies. To assist you in making business decisions, Snware Research. offers a committed staff of knowledgeable professionals who can easily do primary research. We also have well-equipped, durable online Panels for collecting and analysing accurate data. We assist our customers in analysing and reporting the interviews to extract important insights for important business choices.

Most organizations use primary research to supplement data from secondary sources, such as journals, magazines, website articles, and books. In this technology-driven world, meaningful data is more valuable than gold. Organizations or businesses need highly validated data to make informed decisions to attain competitive advantage. Most of the organizations today are proactive to gather their own data so that the authenticity of data is maintained, and they get first-hand information without any alterations to generate real-time insights which will enable them to make crucial business decisions.

Why Primary Research?

Primary research involves the collection of original data directly from reliable sources to address specific research objectives. Unlike secondary research, which relies on existing data sources, primary research provides fresh and tailored insights that can be customized to meet your unique requirements. It allows you to gather firsthand information and delve deeper into the nuances of your target market, industry trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscape.

Our Primary Research Services

The primary research Includes the following sources of data collection:

  1. Focus Groups and Interviews: We facilitate focus groups and conduct interviews to capture qualitative data and uncover valuable insights. Our skilled moderators create an open and engaging environment, allowing participants to express their opinions, thoughts, and experiences. Through careful analysis and interpretation, we distill key themes and patterns, helping you understand your audience on a deeper level.
  2. Online surveys:Our expert team designs comprehensive surveys tailored to your specific research goals. We employ best practices in questionnaire construction, ensuring clarity, relevance, and accuracy of the data collected. By leveraging various survey methodologies, including online surveys, phone interviews, or in-person interviews, we ensure the collection of robust and representative data.
  3. Observations:Observation is a primary research method that involves systematically watching and recording behaviors, actions, and events in their natural settings. It is a valuable research technique used to gather firsthand information about human behavior, interactions, and phenomena without relying on participants' self-reports or surveys.In observation-based primary research, researchers act as passive observers, carefully observing and documenting the behaviors, activities, and contextual factors related to the research question or objective. The observations can be conducted in various settings, such as public spaces, workplaces, classrooms, or even through remote video monitoring.
  4. Analysis & Reporting: Analyzing and reporting primary research refers to the process of examining and interpreting the data collected through original research methods to extract meaningful insights and present them in a clear and concise manner. It involves a systematic examination of the collected data, identification of patterns and trends, and drawing conclusions based on the findings. The goal is to transform raw data into actionable insights that can inform decision-making and drive strategic actions.
  • Snware Research has a dedicated team of skilled practitioners who can conduct primary research with Ease to support your business decision making.
  • We Have rich history & practical experience in conducting primary research and have served well-known enterprises & market research companies across the globe in a variety of industry verticals including IT & Telecom, FMCG & retail, Consumer goods & Services, Luxury Goods, Healthcare, Finance & Insurance and Automotive, Etc.
  • We also have well equipped robust online Panels for reliable data collection & Analysis.
  • We help our clients to analyse and report the interviews in order to draw out key insights for crucial business decisions.
  • The Interviews are conducted as per the ESOMAR guidelines & GDPR compliance.
  • All the interviews are tailored & customized as per the client’s requirements for optimum Insights.