Product Testing

Product testing is the need of the hour to satisfy customers. Our experts are equipped with the needed tools and knowledge to check the quality of products and services before delivering them to esteemed clients.

Product Testing – 

Product testing should be considered when facing the following problems:

  • How to optimize the attribute characteristics of products to attract customers more.
  • How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of competitive products to determine the position of products in the target market.
  • What features of the product attract customers more than the competitors.
  • Whether to attract customers in terms of product attributes
  • Whether the improved product is really better than that before improvement.
  • whether customers can distinguish between products before and after improvement.

Snware Research INC specializes in following Product testing methods:

  1. Single product testing. 
  2. Paired comparative product testing. 
  3. Continuous single test 
  4. Repetitive paired product testing.
  5. Product Testing Panels
  6. Product Clinics
  7. Non-food Product Testing
  8. Product Quality Monitoring