Data Cleaning / Validation

Data cleaning or validation is the repeated cycle of screening, diagnosing, treating, and documenting the data collected for data cleansing. No matter how the data is collected (in face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, self-administered questionnaires, etc.), some things need to be corrected. These can include errors brought about by human error, improperly engineered recording systems, or simply a lack of full control over the type and format of data ingested from external data sources. We at Snware have a skilled team that is knowledgeable and equipped with the necessary SPSS & Quantum technologies. We are proficient and experienced in the processes involved in identifying, treating, and modifying incorrect data. We are aware of techniques to distinguish between inliers and outliers. Our clients span various industries, including financial services, automotive, utilities, retail, healthcare construction, FMCG & Sport. We also support some of the largest enterprises & market research agencies across the globe. Our team members are highly trained in the detailed data cleaning/validation methods under guidance from project managers & Supervisors with many years of experience in conducting data cleaning services.