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General Questions?

Who can I survey?

We have inroads into Healthcare, General Population, B2B, B2C and other special requests can be handled through our panel pool network

What type of research methodology should be adopted for my survey?

It depends on the type of research you want to conduct and what is the objective of your research

What is the ideal size for my research?

Larger the population larger the sample size is a time tested methodology, however we recommend the minimum of 200 respondents if you are looking to do the quantitative study.

Will the results of my study remain confidential?

The results of your study will remain confidential and to the owner’s discretion unless you wish to share the property rights with Snware

How long does the survey take?

Online surveys typically have 2 week time at the maximum however if it is a tracker study then the surveys can keep going on month after month.

Will I be provided with respondent information?

If researchers plan to collect personal data for research that may also be used for a non-research purpose, this must be made clear to data subjects prior to data collection and their consent for the non-research use obtained. Researchers must not share a data subject’s personal data with a client unless the data subject has given consent to do so and has agreed to the specific purpose for which it will be used.

How many questions can I ask?

We advise you to ask between 8 and 20 questions however the survey length completely depends on your project and there is no limit. The majority of projects will need no more than 15 questions.

Can I add images to my research?

We use latest in technology in online surveys where it is very much possible to add images and even video in surveys for detailed information you can connect with us at businessdevelopment@snwareresearch.com

How much will it cost?

To carry out a new survey please send your specifications to businessdevelopment@snwareresearch.com and you will be provided with non-obligatory quote within 24 hours.