Exit Interviews

A street or exit interview is done by interviewing a person face to face. It is the best qualitative research methodology done by Snware to get the quality and quantity information for reports.

Our Interviewers & researchers have facilitated smooth interviews and mall intercepts have the following advantages for our clients:

  • Mall intercept interviews allow interviewers to make sure they are interacting with a real person. Also, the researchers can conduct the surveys at different hours of the day to ensure an accurate sample audience.
  • The memory of the experience is still afresh in the brain while the shoppers are just leaving the store. This means the data collected by the intercept interviews in the mall is highly accurate data.
  • Mall intercepts interviews can engage consumers during the actual act of shopping. This gives a chance to understand their thought process and what drives them to make a purchase.
  • Interviewers can verify the demographics of the people they speak with. For example, age, gender, language, and location can be confirmed before starting the survey.