Ms. Suzie Sligh,
Sales Director

Ms. Suzie Sligh

Sales Director

As Sales Director, Suzie Sligh leads innovation and strategic market research at Snware, transforming customer insights into actionable data. An enterprise leader, she is focused on establishing connections through brand strategy, empathic leadership and disruption of status quo.
She brings to the table more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Prior to joining Snware, she has worked with Dynata, MarketForce Information, and Insights Association, leveraging and strengthening her skills to create best-in-class marketing plans and brand narrative. She has also served as President Southeast Chapter of Insights Association.

In her free time, Suzie loves spending quality time with her grandchildren and dogs. She is deeply interested in Geneaolgy, studying families, family history, and tracing of their lineages.