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With Snware voice services, examine the underlying and enabling voice process technologies and components, through to the devices, services & available. you make the connections you need, at scale, with quick help conveyance and top tier quality assurance.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

Telephone-based research interviews enable you to achieve a truly random representation, or zero in on specialized audiences such as expert panels. With global reach, supported by industry-leading technology and the largest CATI team worldwide, Snware provides telephone access to consumer and B2B audiences at scale.


Customer Care

With more than 2,000 technology-enabled voice stations in state-of-the-art call centers around the world – and more than 3,000 experienced service professionals – Snware Voice Services answers your call for both inbound and outbound customer care. Combine service applications with tracking and CSAT research for a comprehensive customer-focused solution. Capture leads and enhance the reach of your sales team, enabling faster response and widening your prospect universe.

Offline Sample

Collect data across a variety of modes with statistically selected samples of telephone numbers and addresses, or ‘Offline Sample.’ Offline methodologies can be used to reach smaller areas or populations, target for efficiency, and achieve accurate probability sample. These samples can be purchased separately, for clients looking to manage data collection on their own, or as part of a project where Snware manages data collection.